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MDRosa Media is an independent media company. The goal is to elevate creativity in three different forums.
In music, in film, and in written works. We will continue to develop projects, as well as platforms and opportunities for our fellow creatives.

MDRosa Media

Manny D. Rosa, Founder

"MDRosa Media is a multi-faceted entity, which embodies thinking outside of the box. With legs in Music, Film, and Publishing, the objective will always be to raise the expectations and do high-quality work. Being able to hear our voices, tell our stories, raise our standards, and build our legacies, will always be at the forefront. The goal is to create opportunities for us to shine, and show that we belong".

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Independent Film

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Music & Book Publishing



Music Production

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Dominant Vision Films

Short: "Tranquil" by Dominant Vision Films

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We are all creatives at heart. So we just want to birth imaginative ideas into existence. But we insist on thinking outside of the box and doing it at a high level. We recently launched Dominant Vision Films, an independent film company. To read how Dominant Vision came to be, click the link below.

JAM3 Productions

Recent Single: "Hood Walk"

When you're born and raised in our communities, there is something specific in your walk. It's with a certain confidence. With a self-possessed strut. And on-guard, definitely with your head on a swivel. It's hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.